More on Netflix

Okay so this blog is not just going to cover a single company, I promise, I have so many ideas, but this is important to me right now and it is what I feel most compelled to write about. So don’t give up on me, if this is the first post that you read from me.

Netflix is an important organization, and obviously, it is a profit-driven business, because it has to be to compete, and that competition is growing stronger every day. But competition does not always equate to better content, I still subscribe to Netflix, even though the costs have gone up.

Even though some content has been taken by their (new) competition (Disney et al.) Netflix still remains a value to my life, and I will not subscribe to Disney, or any other streaming platform, because they don’t do a better job, they are simply trying to make up for their own stagnant and delayed response to Netflix’s ideas.

I guess you could call me a Netflix fanboy. I am of a generation where torrenting was the norm (and still is for many) regardless of the legality, I chose to subscribe to Netflix because I wanted to support the people who create the content. It’s obviously true that the big corporation makes most of the money, and the creators and actors are only getting a small fraction. But, no one has come up with a platform that allows creators to make their own movies, and television shows and gets them out to the masses.

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